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The Maid – Nita Prose

“That’s the trouble with pain. It’s as contagious as a disease. It spreads from the person who first endured it to those who love them most.”

Molly the Maid uniquely sees the world. She is very literal, having to be taught to read body language and facial expressions. Molly still doesn’t always get things right. When she suddenly discovers a deceased guest, her peculiar behavior leads police to believe that Molly is the murderer. As the investigation unfolds, the dark secrets of the hotel’s underbelly begin to surface. Has Molly been framed? If so, by whom? Will the actual murderer be brought to justice?

I loved the very different narrative style. Molly’s peculiarities and weird mannerisms lead the reader to see the world differently. This reads as a slow-paced murder mystery, with the action happening at the beginning. It’s broken down into days, and lets just say that Monday takes five chapters. The suspense was built in a rather unusual way. As Molly remains oblivious to what is happening around her, she notices enough detail for the reader to know precisely what is happening. So as Molly runs through her days, the reader becomes increasingly aware of the danger she’s in and the trouble brewing, while she remains clueless. You can’t help but feel sorry for her. That final twist blew me out of my seat. I was not expecting it in any way, shape, or form.

An authentic five out of five, I have nothing negative to say here. It was a great introduction into a different genre.

Rating: 5 out of 5.

About Nita Prose :

Nita works in the publishing industry. She began years ago as an intern, photocopying edited manuscripts and secretly snooping the fascinating margin conversations between editors and writers. Currently, she is the vice president and editorial director at Simon & Schuster in Toronto, Canada, where she has the privilege of working with an incredible array of authors and publishing colleagues whom she credits with teaching me, manuscript by manuscript, book by book, the wondrous craft of writing.



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