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Centers of Gravity – Marko Kloos

An epic sci-fi novel that took my breath away.

Andrew Grayson is on a mission to save the human race. Fighting against Lankies, an alien race, he and the crew have travelled millions of lightyears away from home, into a space no human has gone to before. Searching for food and water, they find a lucky break with an ice moon. Then the worst thing that could happen happens. The ice moon is infested with Lankies. Can they make it out alive? More importantly, will they ever see Earth again?

This is only my second science fiction novel to read as an adult, the first being Project Hail Mary. I thought it was wonderful. The descriptions of the alien worlds created vivid images in my mind. The peak and pace increase was painless and without fault. The comedic relief came in just the right moments, even when the grim outcomes were present. The hopelessness felt had me on the edge of my seat. Kloos has written this novel in such a way that you can feel the despair, the desire to return home, the fear of not making it out. The final plot twist was spectacular.

The pace did start out rather slowly, up until about halfway through. You need to understand the military rank structure and quite a bit of military jargon to follow along, but it isn’t a necessity.

I definitely think this was a great sci-fi novel, though it may not be for people new to the genre. I give this one four out of five stars.

Rating: 4 out of 5.

About Marko Kloos :

Marko Kloos is the author of the Frontlines and Palladium Wars series of military Science Fiction. He is also a contributing member of George R.R. Martin’s Wild Cards consortium.

Born and raised in Germany, Marko lives in New Hampshire with his wife and two children. Their compound, Castle Frostbite, is patrolled by a roving pack of dachshunds.

He is represented by Evan Gregory at Ethan Ellenberg.



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