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Childhood Sweetheart – Wendy Clarke

Secrets don’t make friends.

Ailsa is living her life for herself and her son. They have a very comfortable routine, with the same breakfast and lunch every day. Soon, however, the past threatens the life she’s created. When a childhood friend comes to town, everything starts to unravel. Will what’s buried stay hidden?

This novel is captivating. From the prologue, I was sucked into a world I couldn’t find my way out of. The medium pace kept me begging for more, and the even tone was easy to follow. The transitions between the point of view changes were good, and I enjoyed reading from both the mind of a man and a woman. The characters felt real and believable. Ailsa’s past was extremely compelling. I could relate strongly to her struggles and the way she set up her routine for herself and her son. Wendy Clarke also pulled off the timeline transitions effortlessly. The suspense was well done and kept the story going smoothly.

I did guess one of the big secrets, but Clarke did the reveal in such a way that I wasn’t disappointed.

If you loved a good thriller that keeps you guessing until the very end, you’ve GOT to check this one out. I give it five out of five stars for being incredible.

Rating: 5 out of 5.

About Wendy Clarke :

Psychological thriller writer and author of  kindle  best sellers, What She Saw, We Were Sisters, The Bride, His Hidden Wife and Blind Date, published by Bookouture.



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